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How to Treat Others

Heard a great quote – author unknown

The most cruel thing that a person can do is to treat another person in such a manner that they forget that they are a son or daughter of the King!

How are you treating others???

Forgiveness and Bitterness

This is an excellent mini-video on Forgiveness and Bitterness.


Pray Without Ceasing

Last month, my husband, Tim, went to the Kansas Prayer Breakfast, a refreshing infusion of God into the natural world where everyone, including federal and state politicians bow and pray together in unity. According to Tim, there were a couple of highlights. First, after the typical introductions and applause for various natural world dignitaries, Pastor Richard Rounds asked the crowd to give a hand for Jesus Christ, and it erupted with cheers! Second, the speaker was Dr. Del Tackett, teacher and creator of the Truth Project DVD series.  If any of you have seen that series, you know that when Del is in the room, the Holy Spirit is right there with him. In the Bible, Paul says to pray unceasingly. When you do, your prayers start sounding a lot more like a conversation with Jesus as your friend, and a lot less like the liturgical utterances we are often told to memorize. Unceasing prayers come as easily as breath itself: “Help me, Lord.” “Thank you, God.” “Father, save my friend.” “Jesus, I love you.”   Remember that it is acceptable and encouraged for us to talk to God every moment of the day about anything!  He loves to hear our hearts desires, our petitions, and our praises.  Don’t be a stranger!


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