We are Who We Spend the Most Time With

Since we can’t control other people, we need to stay ever vigilant in who we are partnering with.  This includes watching what we do and say and guarding our heart by being mindful of what we are watching on TV, social media, and watching who we hang around.  I heard a couple of good quotes recently.  One by Matt Fox that states, “you will become like the people you hang around with” and Jim Rohn said “you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”   Our flesh is easily susceptible to the influences of this world and our willpower is easily eroded when we are around the “wrong” people.  By “wrong” people I am meaning the people that are not on the path of truth and commitment to Jesus and obedience to God and His will.  This is why we need to have more wisdom in identifying false prophets, teachers and “Christians” that are not aligned with the Word of God and are more aligned with the things of this world.  It is important not to align ourselves with them, watch them, follow them or condone or defend their behavior or we will slowly adopt their behaviors and beliefs.  I believe that this is what has happened to so many “Christians” who are exhibiting rebellious actions and exerting their “rights” and unloving influence over others. 

Check your circle of friends.  Are you a good and godly influence/example to them?  Are they good and godly, speaking life to and about others with and to you?  I admit that we don’t always have complete control over who is in our circle, such as family and co-workers but, we can limit our time with them and make sure we have prayed for our hedge of protection and grace of God to be in place.  Know that when we press into God and commit to do His will to love His people, He will remove people from our circles.  It might be hard in the moment but remember that God always has our best at heart!  Know that many times it is because we are growing in a direction that does not include them or that they might hinder our growth!  Take some time to pray over your circle and ask God to only keep the people in your close circle that He wants you to associate with in this season!


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