Denise started The Arming the Saints Ministry with her husband, Tim, to train and equip the body of Christ with the Truth of the word of God.

Denise has devoted a considerable amount of time learning how to walk in the Truth of what God promises for His children, including how to better connect with God spiritually.  She has many years of personal experience working to understand how the Spirit and Natural worlds connect and interact.  Denise’s spiritual journey has had many viewpoints including, secular living, lukewarm Christianity and full-out Jesus Freak.

Her studies at Denver Seminary for a time solidified her belief that many Christians do not know how to see God at work, how to walk in the Spirit, or even why we Christians believe what we believe.  There is a spiritual complacency and illiteracy overtaking the body that is resulting in unnecessary spiritual division, lack of forgiveness, improper teaching, and rampant satanic attack.  The answer is simple although not always easy – Christ is the way – He defeated Satan at the cross and we do not need to live under the oppression of the enemy and his lies.

How do we accomplish this?  By knowing who we are in the kingdom of God, understanding our rights as kingdom citizens, and possessing the proper information and tools to help us operate in both the natural and the supernatural realms.  This is the training offered by Arming the Saints!

Denise is ready, willing, and available to provide this information through training, speaking and conference events.

Denise is excited about the release her new book, 7 SPIRITUAL TRUTHS AND THE LIES THAT HIDE THEM.  This book discusses seven Spiritual Truths that we know exist to allow us to connect with God and increase our belief and faith.  It then contrasts some of the lies about Christianity that are prevalent in the world today and that hinder our ability to connect with God and thus block our blessings.


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