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2,000 Years Ago

In Denise’s book, 7 Spiritual Truths and the Lies That Hide Them, she says that one day science will ultimately prove the existence of God. She’s right, but until that happens, consider what I heard yesterday on the radio.

It was Science Friday, with Ira Flatow, and he was replaying a 1999 broadcast in which the scientists were talking about expansion of the universe. Throughout the twentieth century, scientists had been confident that the expanding universe, as discovered by Edwin Hubble, was nonetheless slowing down due to gravity, which Einstein’s theory predicted as a constant even on a cosmic scale. Nevertheless, in the late 1990s scientists discovered that the universe was not slowing down at all. No, in fact, it was speeding up, which was kind of a big change in our thinking, if you ask me. They seemed to take this rather massive change in thinking in stride, though, as they moved toward discussing some then-recent scientific data.

Ira then asked one particular scientist, based on the new data, how confident she was about the age of the universe. She replied that much of the recent data, including data further confirming a “flat universe” theory (which, by the way, sort of blew Ira’s mind) led to a “robust” prediction of the date the universe began. So basically, she was confident about the age of the universe. But the interesting thing, to me, was that this confidence came without any mention of the fact that until the 1990s, scientists had been completely wrong about the whole deal. I know, that’s the way science works, and Denise talks about it in the book.

But all of this reminds me of one thing. I’m not altogether certain whether science will confirm or refute the existence of God in your lifetime. For all I know, in 2092 scientists will say that they were wrong in 1999, and that the universe is slowing, but backward, and that the system is closed, but infinitely so. I can guarantee, however, that in our own lifetimes (or shortly thereafter) we will definitively find for ourselves about the existence of God.

My point is that it may take a long time for science to get its act together to explain God’s existence. We can wait for science to catch up, or we can listen to God Himself, who came to earth through the birth of Jesus Christ 2,000 years ago to tell us, face to face, the real mysteries of the universe.

Stay strong and keep building your faith. And Merry Christmas, Everybody!


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