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“Unexplained” Miracles?


Pastor Andre Butler

I was on the treadmill the other day, watching “The Doctors” on TV. Normally, I don’t always watch the Doctors on TV because they tend only to talk about the most embarrassing and cringe-worthy medical issues. However, on this particular episode – found at — I watched as Pastor Andre Butler talked about medical miracles. Now, I’m a big believer in miracles. What was most interesting to me, though, was the doctors’ constant use of the word “unexplainable” as they described and discussed various healings, etc. In fact, I think I might have even seen the Pastor smile once or twice when that word was used.

That’s because medical miracles are quite explainable, are found throughout the Bible, and are a normal part of a worldview that includes God in our lives. There’s nothing unexplainable in a created universe, and certainly nothing unusual about how easily God can fix us.

“Lord my God, I called to you for help, and you healed me.” Psalm 30:2


Is Pope Francis the Final Pope?

Hi All;

It’s not often that I write about bible prophesy, but I’m constantly looking for things that will herald in the return of Jesus. “Thy Kingdom Come on Earth” is one of my mottos, after all.

I recently read about two authors who dissected what’s known as Saint Malachy’s Prophesy of the Popes, which predicts (and says a little something about) the 112 Popes coming after Celestine II in 1144. Now, I know that some people have argued over these prophesies, and some folks have even claimed they’re forgeries. But these two authors got my attention when they said that they used the Malachy Prophesies to predict that Pope Benedict XVI would resign from office – the first Pope to do so in 600 years. In fact, these two predicted that Benedict would resign in March 2012, and, when that didn’t happen, they felt that maybe they got it wrong. But when he actually resigned in 2013, the news got out that the 2013 resignation was just for the public – his official resignation before the Cardinals was in March of 2012! Now, that’s some pretty specific fulfilled prophesy.

I guess my point is that unfulfilled prophesy is prophesy, after all, and it’s going to be subject to some debate until it actually happens. But just think about how often it has happened in the Bible! I mean, before Jesus came, there were about 350 prophesies about the coming Messiah, and Jesus ended up fulfilling them all. Of these 350, there were over a hundred that were so specific that only Jesus (and no other arguable messiah) could have fulfilled them. I once read that a statistician had calculated the probability of Christ fulfilling just 8 of these specific prophesies (from being born in Bethlehem, to riding into Jerusalem on a donkey, to being crucified) and found that the odds were something like 1 x 10 to the 28th power, which is a 10 with 27 zeroes after it. By fulfilling 48 prophesies, it would be 1 x 10 to the 157th power (by the way, the odds of you becoming President of the United States are only 1 x 10 to the 7th power). So, unfulfilled prophesy is debatable, but proven prediction is worth paying attention to.

These same two authors have used the same Malachy document to now predict that the current Pope will be the last, ushering in the Tribulation.  That’s mostly because the list only goes up to 112, and we are now at that number. Of Pope number 112, the document reads: In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church, there will sit Peter the Roman, who will pasture his sheep in many tribulations, and when these things are finished, the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the dreadful judge will judge his people. The End.

Take a look at this article from Prophecy News Watch about the new Pope, Francis, and why the authors believe him to be “Peter the Roman.”   Scroll down to #8 “Pope Francis – History’s Final Pontiff?”

Also, you might want to take a peek at Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural programs below, which have the two authors discussing their predictions.    Select “Television Its Supernatural” and view parts 1 and @ of the April episodes for Tom Horn & Cris Putnam

Be Faithful and Be Blessed!

Dreams and Visions

Dreams and Visions

Did you know that a sign of the end times is an increase in prophetic dreams and visions? The Bible says,

In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams. (Acts 2:17 and Joel 2:28 (NIV))

I have been experiencing spiritual and prophetic dreams more frequently over the past year. In future posts, I’ll share them and their meanings with you. But first, I want to tell you why I believe this is happening to me and how you can share in this blessing.

As we mentioned in our book, 7 Spiritual Truths and the Lies that Hide Them, God will speak to you in the way that He knows that you will listen. My husband actively looks for signs in nature showing that God is working with him on various things. Because of that, God sends signs through nature to my husband (these are big and obvious supernatural signs – the kind that would make you say, “Wow, did you see that?!”). In the book, we joke that if you believe that God will speak to you through billboards, then you better start looking at all of the billboards. But seriously, think about how you listen for God to speak to you. Is it through your feelings? Is it through visions? Does He talk to you out loud? Maybe he speaks to you through other people. I know a lot of people who were seeking God when suddenly someone came out of nowhere and helped them through their troubles with just the right supernatural advice.

You may have had a relationship with someone in which you knew what they were thinking before they even said anything. I would never presume to know what God is thinking, but once you know how He speaks to you, it becomes much easier to really KNOW that it is Him who is speaking. And then as your level of communication deepens, your relationship becomes more intimate.

These days I talk to God constantly, and I am constantly watching for His reply. Sometimes it comes with just a “Holy Spirit-type” feeling, but lately it’s been in dreams. Because I am open to hearing from God in dreams, He is using them to speak to me.

I am so excited about this new gift, and I am equally excited to share it with you!  I want you to feel like you are walking hand-in-hand with God each moment of each day, and to feel the closeness of your loving Father.

Why “Arming the Saints?”

You may have wondered why we are called Arming the Saints Ministries. The short answer is because helping to equip current believers with knowledge and information is what God placed on our hearts many years ago. It came from a broken-hearted realization that we – and many of our Christian brethren – often did not know why we believed what we believed, and that we were often unaware of the authority we possess as believers to operate in both the natural and supernatural worlds.

After years of studying, researching, and plain ol’ on-the-job life training, we realized that we had to strive to acquire more supernatural education and share it with the world!

God sent me to Denver Seminary to expand my knowledge and give me the tools to research and write our book. When I say “our” book, I mean the book that God gave me the information to write – thus, “we” equals God, me, and Tim. The book is called:

“7 Spiritual Truths and the Lies that Hide Them

Supernatural 101 for Arming the Saints”

I will be giving you snippets from the book and I will often refer back to it in many of our upcoming blogs. If you would like more information about the book, you can find it on our Arming the Saints website at

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