We are Back and Blessed

Blessings on a New Year!  I apologize once again for my absence the latter part of this past year.  Once again the natural world provided us with ample opportunity to hold fast to our supernatural Lord to keep us blessed, safe and above water.

We had an amazing year, beginning with recovering from double hip surgery.  Praise the Lord that he gave me the surgeon that the world advised against because he was young, newly certified and had little experience.   But it was my blessing to have the latest technology and procedures because we stepped out in faith and listened to the Lord and not to the world.

The year continued with Tim starting a new business to help people who were wrongly held in jail to get out.  His job went away while he was out of town taking care of his ailing father who went on to be with the Lord.  As always, the Lord provided for our every need and even in abundance to allow us to help out a few others.  The training that Tim performs takes him all over the nation teaching people in the legal system how  to reduce jail populations and how to better determine who should stay in jail.  He received a blessed email thanking him for his work that allowed many people to spend time with their families at Christmas rather than in jail.  Tim named this project, “Gods’ Project” and he stopped tracking the supernatural alignments after he had documented over 100.

Finally, the Lord moved me to a new job with a huge measure of favor.  Learning my new job is taking a lot of time, but I am so grateful to see the blessings of the work of my group and the blessing of peace in the office.

I hope that you are able to reflect on 2013 with many measures of gratefulness and insight into how much our Lord has blessed you (even in difficulty) and how much He loves you.

Prepare for a fabulous 2014!  I know it will be amazing.

Blessings, Peace and Abundance!!


1 Response to “We are Back and Blessed”

  1. 1 Lilian Escobar January 6, 2014 at 5:07 am

    Praise the Lord for all His blessings. I am so glad things are looking good for you and Tim. We know our Lord is in charge!

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