Here Comes The Bride!


With all the press about the Pope, you’d think I’d be writing about him. But I’m not. Instead, I’m going to just post a quick note to say that Denise and I are doing a wedding this weekend – Denise is officiating, and I’m playing the piano! It should be fun and exciting, except I’m never too happy to haul equipment across town. Like I always say, musicians don’t get paid to play – they get paid to schlep equipment. And I’m not even getting paid!

Anyway, this particular couple is young (21 or 22) and when they started meeting with us, they didn’t exactly know how they wanted the whole thing to go. But recently they told us that they want a wedding where God is front and center, and where He can be the third part of their relationship for the rest of their lives. Excellent!

Anyone who’s been married for long – heck, anyone who’s even been alive for long – knows that marriages can be tough, and personally, I don’t think you can do one without God. They don’t fully realize it yet, but having God in from the beginning is going to make everything in their lives a whole lot better and easier.

By the way, weddings have always been the hardest for me to play, and this one’s no different. The beautiful bride wants Wagner’s wedding march, and there’s a certain kind of stress that comes from knowing that a single mistake will cause everyone to stop looking at her and scowl at the piano player. You know, that’s why I write my own music – nobody ever knows when I’m screwing up!

Anyway, may God bless all of you!

Timothy Crane


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