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Heart Dis-ease

I had a dream last night. I dreamed that I was in one of those mega churches – you know, the kind that looks like it meets in a hockey arena. The regular pastor wasn’t going to speak, and somehow I knew this so I started walking from the middle of the congregation to the front. I was taking off my coat and I noticed I was carrying a bowl of cereal with me (I will come back to this later, but at least now you can really tell it’s a dream). As I started up the steps I saw my husband sitting on the stage smiling at me. As he did, I started to speak the following message (embellished a bit for you).

I said, “We all have things in our hearts, and some of those things are ugly, such as the virus of mean and hateful thoughts, the cancer of un-forgiveness, the brokenness of loss, the disorder of disobedience, the sickness of hope deferred. All of these illnesses are diseases of our heart and they cause dis-ease in our spiritual walk. Each and every one of these diseases are curable by our Father, who can take his precision scalpel and carve them out of our heart to make room for His desires for us such as peace, joy, health, hope, and purpose. Let your heavenly father perform surgery on your heart to remove the disease (dis-ease) so that He can fill it with His healing desires for you and you can have beautiful, healthy heart and hold onto the desires He has given to you.”

It was a dream about the so-called “desires of our hearts.” Lately I’ve heard a lot of speaking, encouraging, and teaching on these desires, which, when they line up with God’s will, are most definitely from Him. But I’ve also had many conversations with people lately about the specific desires placed on their hearts and the doubts that they feel as to whether they actually come from God.

Proverbs 13:12 states, “hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when the desire comes, it is a tree of life.” I believe that this speaks to the hope of wanting a purpose, and of wanting to know that God has a plan for you. When you recognize that the very desire you have in your heart is from your loving Father, you have that hope. And, as the proverb says, you have life.

Think about your desires. Some of these desires are probably HUGE and take your breath away. These are the things that you want to do, but that you might feel you aren’t qualified for. These are your life-long dreams, but you might feel you aren’t prepared or equipped to even attempt them. Well, as the scripture so often says, “do not worry and do not be afraid.” Our Father never purchases anything that He can’t pay for. Because He has placed the desire within you, he has a plan to see it through, and he can already see you fulfilling your own dream. He knows the end way before you do.

The enemy places fear, frustration, impatience, and doubts in our mind to keep us from recognizing and pursuing our God-given desires. But if you let God take his scalpel and remove the dis-ease from our spiritual beings, these desires become brighter and supernaturally attainable. His plan is perfect, and it only requires your faith in Him to carry it out. Stop and pray to God to remove the diseases of your hearts so that you can know with certainty that your dreams and desires are from Him, and that, with His help, they will most certainly come true.

Now back to my dream – did you figure out what the bowl of cereal represented? Well, I decided that it represented a tasty morsel of encouragement from God. I was eating it in the dream, and now, by reading this, you just ate it, too. I hope you enjoyed it!

Why did God have me eating cereal in my dream? Why not cake? Well, I have a theory on that, too. I’ve been limiting dairy and grains in my earthly diet lately, but this week I broke down and had cereal with milk for dinner. Honestly, it was heavenly.



Spiritual Manna in the smallest things

Before we embark for a time on dreams and visions, it occurred to me to tell you why I haven’t posted for a while.  As some of you know, my husband, Tim, went to Kansas to care for his earthly father after a stroke. On May 21, the Lord took Tim’s dad home and we have been in a whirlwind of activity since. The amount of work families must do to “take care of things” after a death is really astounding. I’ve been back and forth to Kansas, packing furniture, helping with the estate, and generally just trying to help Tim.

 All the while, I kept thanking God for the life of Tim’s dad, for the blessings He has given us to see us through this thing, and for His peace. You know, Tim lost his job over this business, but every day he would wake up, thank God for the increase in time, and go to work. While he was in Kansas, Tim completed his third album, which will be a true testament to God’s glory when it comes out this fall.

 All of this reminded me that while you we are busy with other things, we must always take the time to move up, spiritually speaking. But if our plans are to systematically study the Bible or to spend three hours a day praying, those plans may seem daunting as our time dwindles. So what I do when the world presses in on me is to simply monitor what I hear, see, and experience. Don’t get me wrong, I still read the Word every day – it’s become a habit for me.  But when I don’t have nearly the amount of time I would like to study God’s word, I become a faithful monitor of what I do have going on in my life. When the radio is on, I turn to a Christian music station (I call it Satan repellant).  When the TV is on, I try to find a good Christian speaker (like Charles Stanley, Ravi Zacharias, or Alistair Begg) or at least a God-inspired movie or uplifting sports show. At all times, I try to guard my thoughts from the destructive mantras of secular humanism, agnosticism, and atheism. And if you make a conscious effort to do the same thing, you will find small bits of soul-filling Christian inspiration that will carry you through hard times by reminding you who you really work for. If you look hard enough for them, you’ll find them in the most amazing places.  

 For example, the other night I was tired after moving furniture and I just wanted to watch something on TV while I got ready for bed. The first channel I turned to had Nik Wallenda tightrope walking across Niagara Falls.  “Oh great,” I thought, “just what I need – some guy trying to impress humanity by doing some meaningless act on national television while everyone sits and waits for him to fall.” Just as I was about to turn the channel, they said they were going to listen in on Nik as he spoke to his team via radio. The announcers drew silent, and suddenly you could hear Nik saying, over and over, “thank you Jesus, thank you Lord.” Turns out that Nik was praying his way across the Falls, giving God the glory for all that was going on in his life, and basically evangelizing to the world. My heart jumped and I quickly realized that this was the bit of inspiration I was looking for. Nik was more than just a tightrope walker – he was God’s tightrope walker. And I am more than just someone cleaning up after someone else had passed on – I am an image-bearer working for God’s glory.

 Thank you, Father, for allowing me the opportunity to do your work in this world, and to tell others that I do it all to glorify you.            

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